About Surfy°

AI Ecosystem of empowering human potential

We develop technologies and algorithms, software and hardware solutions with the aim of introducing cutting-edge technological advances into everyday urban life.

Surfy Ecosystem

The Surfy ecosystem in its basic lines of business combines technologies that synthesise the basic human senses - sight, hearing, speech, text, geo-positioning, search and intelligence - to increase efficiency and expand human potential.


Our technology and products have already been implemented in many exciting projects aimed at improving the quality of human life, from public transport to smart shops and mental health monitoring systems. By connecting to the Surfy ecosystem, companies receive automatic updates and system improvements without the need for software maintenance and fine tuning.

The core of Surfy is a complex AI structure, which is updated daily with a huge range of fresh data.

A large part of the algorithms are open systems and are set up for self-learning therefore they improve significantly faster than any other closed systems.

New Way

The experience of working for heavy international companies is now behind us and we are creating a completely new space, using only the newest and most advanced knowledge. Organising our work we use the same basic principle as in all our products - person first. This allows us to improve the quality of our own lives and the lives of the people for whom we create new things.

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