AI Search Engine

Searching and extracting basic information from the global web to generate an answer using artificial intelligence, vector search and machine learning algorithms.

Most questions have a defined answer, established historically and generally accepted in today's society. Our goal is to use artificial intelligence to find and provide the most relevant answer to an incoming query, without the need for additional search results.

Surfy AI Search Engine

You can activate the Surfy search engine for your website or project absolutely free of charge by specifying the appropriate data privacy level.

The search algorithms and databases are quite large and computationally intensive, so we provide an easy to implement search engine using the Rest API.

Surfy AI Search Engine searches for meaning and intent in questions, matching incoming and received information to maximise relevance.

Query mistakes, language barriers and other factors that prevent you from getting a valuable result are in the past. The Surfy Engine has the ability to translate into several languages, search for information in other language areas and generate a response in the language of the query.

Enterprise &
Custom Solutions

All Surfy AI Search Engine solutions are customizable to meet your specific business objectives and goals.

For any questions related to custom deployment of Surfy AI Search Engine for your Enterprise, please contact us.

Use Cases

We can build a variety of solutions based on the Surfy Eco-system. Here you will find some examples where we have experience of successful implementation.
Surfy AI Search Engine. Web Portals
Web Portals
A smart search will help you find the most appropriate answer, even if it is not explicitly listed on the portal pages
Surfy AI Search Engine. Websites
Search for information with automatic response generation on your website or mobile app
Surfy AI Search Engine. Book Stores
Book Stores
Search for books by approximate quotations and general recollections of phrases presented in the books.
Surfy AI Search Engine. Online Stores
Online Stores
Search for products based on complex descriptions. By combining the search with Surfy Vision it is possible to search for an item based on the description of the generated product pictures during recognition and annotation.
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