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Surfy AI Assessment Tools brings you a service for analysing the behaviour of service users or company personnel in order to prevent conflicts and maximise productivity.

People's values and motivations are crucial characteristics for building healthy relationships within a team. Properly assembling teams with common goals dramatically reduces conflict situations and boosts productivity.

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Surfy° AI Assessment Tools

Core Features

All the below listed solutions can be combined with one another to any desired configuration
Incentive Assessment
Questionnaire for building a personality's incentive map.
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Identification of eccentricity and originality of personality based on big data
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Determination of the basic set of personality characteristics
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Team Graph
Building and visualising relationships in a team based on created profiles
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Behavioural Analytics
Multi-category personality assessment based on behaviour on websites or apps
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Access control to content based on user browsing behaviour
Enhanced security for sensitive data based on the unique browsing behaviour
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Use Cases

We can build a variety of solutions based on the Surfy Eco-system. Here you will find some examples where we have experience of successful implementation.
Surfy AI Assessment Assessment in Public Transport and Rental Services
Public Transport and Rental Services
Detecting abnormalities in client behaviour to prevent incidents involving clients in an altered state of consciousness
Surfy AI Assessment in Human Resources
Human Resources
Building teams from the most suitable employees and building sustainable hierarchies within the company
Surfy AI Assessment for preventing employee burnout
Employee Burnout
Preventing employee burnout, stress management and maximising productivity
Surfy AI Assessment in Recruitment
Pre-test candidates to understand key motivational triggers and match their profile to the overall profile of the established team or team leader

Enterprise &
Custom Solutions

All Surfy AI Assessment Tools are customizable to meet your specific business objectives and goals.

For any questions related to custom deployment of Surfy AI Assessment Tools for your Enterprise, please contact us.

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