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Software solutions for working with Geo Data and Vector Maps.

Great Free Vector Maps and Rest API for work with GEO Data. We made some of our GEO services publicly available to allow other amazing companies and independent engineers to create their own exciting projects using our facilities for free.

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A large software package designed for efficient work with various geo-data, creation of maps and interactive presentations.

Besides being a set of software solutions, at the same time Surfy Geo is also an extensive database, which was compiled and is constantly updated from open sources and verified with the help of the Surfy community.

We are also regular contributors to Openstreetmap, to allow for more open data for the community to create even more interesting products and useful services.

Surfy° Geo

Core Features

All the below listed solutions can be combined with one another to any desired configuration
Surfy Maps
Vector maps with client library, preset styles and the possibility to visualise large amounts of data.
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Reverse Geocoding
Extract address and other useful information from coordinates.
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Geo IP
Lookup location by IPv4 or IPv6 address. Find County, Region, City and Timezone based on IP.
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Get time zone and offset according to coordinates
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Find locations, shops, museums, cafes and more within a selected geographical area
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Multi stop route planner. Get directions and shortest routes for your journeys and trips. Cost-effective route-planning systems for e-commerce and logistics businesses.
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Geo Tools
A set of useful and powerful tools for working with geo data
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Use Cases

We can build a variety of solutions based on the Surfy Eco-system. Here you will find some examples where we have experience of successful implementation.
Surfy Geo. Create a custom map on your website
Create a custom map on your website
Embed maps in your websites, display the location of your offices and other useful information to website visitors
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Surfy Geo. Vehicle monitoring systems
Vehicle monitoring systems
Real-time fleet monitoring, works with large volumes of geospatial data
Surfy Geo. Eco-route planning in Logistics
Eco-route planning
Get the best route calculated by the Surfy AI algorithm to minimise fuel consumption and travel time.
Surfy Geo. Analytics and Research
Analytics and Research
Create heat maps from huge data sets for further analysis and pattern discovery

Enterprise &
Custom Solutions

All Surfy mapping and GEO solutions are customizable to meet your specific business objectives and goals.

For any questions related to custom deployment of Surfy GEO for your Enterprise, please contact us.

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