Computer Vision, Geo services, Natural Language Processing, Assessment Tools and many more

We've bundled a huge amount of technology into one exciting Surfy Eco-system, so that all our users, customers and partners can easily implement projects that were previously out of their reach.


API, services and software solution based on the computer vision

Image Recognition, Image Classification, Colours scheme

Analysis, segmentation and real time image and video streams recognition using Surfy AI.

Surfy.Vision is a self-learning neural network for analysis and classification of images and video materials.

Trained on hundreds of thousands of images obtained from open sources on the Internet, followed by manual moderation and annotation.

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Great Maps & Free Rest API for work with GEO Data

Maps, Geo IP, Reverse Geocoding, Time Zones

We are currently in the active development phase of our new project, Qrious, and we're making some of it publicly available to allow other great companies and independent engineers to create their own exciting projects using our facilities for free.

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Natural Language Processing

Summarisation, Translation, Tone of Voice, Classification

Analysis of textual information, language translations, summarising, highlighting the main meaning, identifying the mood.

The kit includes access via the free Rest API and various libraries and software modules.

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Assessment Tools

Assessment of staff psychological well-being, performance and motivation

Incentives, Extraordinary, Team’s map

We are absolutely convinced that people are the most important thing. So we have developed assessment tools that allow us to fine-tune the team interaction. We have published the basic tools. Well, we can also reshape any of our algorithms into a custom solution.

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AI Search Engine

Proactive Artificial Intelligence Search Engine

Search Engine, Generative AI, Natural Language Processing

This is our top product, incorporating a stable and blazingly fast vector database and a host of generative algorithms based on natural language processing.

We have wrapped all of Surfy's modules ecosystem in an elegant, energy-efficient and incredibly fast Artificial Intelligence, allowing us to grow our knowledge base rapidly, which is available to everyone without any limitations.

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Speech recognition, audio classification and speech synthesis

sounds, Speech Recognition, Audio Classification, Audio Analysis

Processing speech and audio streams is one of the most important areas of machine learning. Speech recognition opens up limitless possibilities for fast and efficient handling of information, from analytics to connecting external sources to generate answers to questions.

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Smart City

Cutting-edge technology for everyday life.

Smart City, Computer Vision, Face ID, Violence Detection, Traffic Control, ANPR

We develop intelligent automation solutions based on the Surfy ecosystem. Ready-to-use products for automation and control of the smart city environment.

Computer vision systems, predictive AI analytics, in-house geo-services and hardware solutions create unique products with enormous economic potential, ready to be deployed in organisations and improving life in a modern smart city.

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Fleet Management Suite

Software and hardware solutions for fleet management, carsharing and other services related to the sharing economy.

Smart City, Fleet Management Software, Carsharing, Sharing Economy

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Enterprise &
Custom Solutions

All Surfy solutions are customizable and configurable and can be supplemented and adjusted to meet your specific business objectives and goals.

For any questions related to customised deployment of Surfy.Vision for your Enterprise, please contact us.

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