We create projects based on artificial intelligence that push the boundaries of human capability and potential.

Our portfolio ranges from simpler projects, such as a language translation tool, to extremely complex ones with an incredibly huge number of features and capabilities. Below is a list of a few of the company's developments.

Qrious. Discover the place around you


Discover the places around you
Mapping service with a database of social objects of city infrastructure. With the ability to create objects on a map and share them with the public.
Stories. Essential Social Network


Essential Social Network
Politics-free social network with easy-to-use tools for visualising your own content and flexible recommendation and search algorithms.
Linguin. AI Language Service


AI Language Service
Multilingual language translation tool based on the Recurrent neural network, grammar check, linguistic tools and language skills training.
Peercise. AI Language Service


Human Resources AI Assessment Tools
Psychological evaluation and analysis of candidates, assessment of roles and relationships within a team.
Shary. Fleet management system in a shared mobility


Fleet management system in a shared mobility
Hardware and software based fleet management system for the smart city.
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