Face ID

Face recognition service is designed to authenticate users of web sites, mobile applications and access control systems in offices and restricted areas.

Face recognition service Surfy Vision Face ID is available as a Rest API solution or as a complete standalone software package. For best results, we recommend using a sequence of frames.


Additionally, Surfy Vision can identify gender* age, mood, changes in appearance and many other parameters that will be extremely useful in providing the most comprehensive and personalised approach to customer service delivery.

* Biometric facial recognition technologies cannot recognise minority subgroups based on their gender expression

Use Surfy Vision Face ID service together with other products from the Surfy ecosystem to maximise your business or service objectives. For example, by combining Face ID and Geo modules you can ask Surfy AI for a location-specific customer portrait.

Security and privacy

Surfy Vision Face ID does not store captured images or video files. All data is converted into a digital vector format and encoded without the possibility for reverse decoding.

Enterprise &
Custom Solutions

All Surfy° Vision solutions are customizable to meet your specific business objectives and goals.

For any questions related to custom deployment of Surfy° Vision Face ID for your Enterprise, please contact us.

Use Cases

We can build a variety of solutions based on the Surfy Eco-system. Here you will find some examples where we have experience of successful implementation.
Surfy Vision Face ID. Payment Systems
Payment Systems
Identifying the customer and making a payment without entering additional data will significantly increase the conversion rate of purchases. For sensitive transactions, protection can be enhanced with a two-factor authorisation system.
Surfy Vision Face ID. Retail Store
Retail Store
Determine the level of the customer loyalty programme and accept payment without having to provide additional data.
Surfy Vision Face ID. Access Control
Access Control
CCTV and Surfy Vision Face ID access control in restricted areas
Surfy Vision Face ID. Workplace
Authorisation on employee workstations without entering passwords. Block the display of sensitive data if a person without the appropriate access level appears in view.
Surfy Vision Face ID. Authorisation on Websites and Mobile apps
Authorisation on Websites and Mobile apps
A simple JavaScript snippet and Surfy Vision Rest API will allow you to create a system for authorising and controlling access to sensitive information by Face ID without creating complex and costly control systems.
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