Anomaly and Violence Detection
Surfy.Vision and Smart City

A system for detecting anomalies and violations in public places using computer vision and CCTV video stream analysis.

Studies show that over 80% of traffic from security and outdoor surveillance cameras never gets analysed. Surfy’s computer vision system monitors 100% of the incoming video stream, without missing even the smallest and most fleeting detail. For every detected instance, it will set a timestamp, take a snapshot and send a notification to the responsible parties, enabling the detection and often prevention of an offence.

Surfy Vision Violence Detection

Moreover, we have been able to build a neural network that can also predict the probability of a possible wrongdoing that has not yet been committed. Predictive module is working in alpha mode. This is a test solution that is still in debugging mode, but we would be happy to work with new partners from the security services to test this technology.

Enterprise &
Custom Solutions

All Surfy° Vision solutions are customizable to meet your specific business objectives and goals.

For any questions related to custom deployment of Surfy° Vision for your Enterprise, please contact us.

Use Cases

We can build a variety of solutions based on the Surfy Eco-system. Here you will find some examples where we have experience of successful implementation.
Surfy Vision Violence Detection. Museums and Historical sites
Museums and Historical sites
Preventing vandalism and preserving museum pieces and historical objects by early detection and alerting
Surfy Vision Violence Detection. Shopping Malls
Shopping Malls
Detection of provocative behaviour, offences or theft
Surfy Vision Violence Detection. Parking Lots
Parking Lots
Detection of crime or car theft attempt
Surfy Vision Violence Detection. Abuse of Children and Elderly Patients
Abuse of Children and Elderly Patients
Elder abuse by caretakers, babysitters abusive behaviour to children, other cases of violence detection
Surfy Vision Violence Detection. Schools and Educational Institutions
Schools and Educational Institutions
Identifying external threats to students, student misconduct and defiant behaviour, bullying and many more
Surfy Vision Violence Detection. Traffic Violations
Traffic Violations
Detection of a wide range of traffic and parking violations
Surfy Vision Violence Detection. Airports and Public Transport
Airports and Public Transport
Detection of anomalies, such as unattended baggage, abnormal behaviour, suspicious gatherings, presence of individuals in restricted areas.
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